Our goal is to nurture the human-animal bond through progressive, thorough, and thoughtful medical care for our patients and education for our clients.

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Pet Wellness Care

Ensuring the well-being and vitality of your beloved furry companions is of utmost importance.

Pet Wellness Care

At Curry Ford Animal Hospital, we understand that dogs and cats age at a faster pace than humans due to their higher metabolic rates. We highly recommend biannual preventative checkups to maintain their optimum health as part of our comprehensive wellness care program.

Pet wellness visits play a vital role in promoting a happy and healthy life for your canine or feline friend. Even if your pet appears healthy, these regular exams enable us to identify any underlying illnesses at an early stage and develop a timely and effective treatment plan. In the wild, animals have a natural instinct to conceal any signs of sickness, as it could make them vulnerable to predators.

Timely diagnosis is crucial in many ailments, significantly improving the chances of successful outcomes. It’s important to note that preventive care costs are generally lower than treating advanced illnesses or diseases.

As a full-service animal hospital, Curry Ford Animal Hospital is equipped to provide comprehensive care for your pet throughout their entire life. Our skilled and compassionate team ensures that your furry family members receive exceptional medical attention in a supportive environment.

If you would like to learn more about our wellness care services, we encourage you to contact us promptly. We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s well-being.