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Pet Microchipping

Our priorities at Curry Ford Animal Hospital are your cherished pets’ safety and health.

Our cutting-edge microchipping services in Orlando, FL, provide a dependable approach to safeguarding your animal friends. If your pet ever goes missing, having them microchipped increases the likelihood of a speedy reunion, giving you peace of mind.

We provide a quick, painless microchipping service that can be completed during a routine veterinarian visit. Your pet will have permanent identification provided by the tiny identification chip implanted beneath the skin, and it cannot be misplaced or removed. In the event that your pet becomes lost, shelters and veterinary offices can scan their microchip to increase the likelihood of a reunion.

By choosing Curry Ford Animal Hospital for your pet’s microchipping, you are selecting a reputable group of professionals who value your pet’s safety. Both you and your beloved buddy will have a stress-free experience thanks to our committed veterinarians and compassionate team. Don’t leave your pet’s health up to chance; make an appointment for microchipping right away and take an important step to secure their future.

Getting your pet microchipped is an investment in their safety. You can rest easy knowing that your animal friend is always identifiable with quick treatment and lifetime protection. To learn more about our cutting-edge microchipping services and give your pet the best chance of a secure reunion in case they ever go missing, get in touch with Curry Ford Animal Hospital in Orlando, FL.