Our goal is to nurture the human-animal bond through progressive, thorough, and thoughtful medical care for our patients and education for our clients.

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Pet Surgery

Welcome to Curry Ford Animal Hospital in Orlando, FL, where we offer first-rate surgical care for animals.

Exceptional Surgical Care for Pets in Orlando, FL

Our committed veterinary practice specializes in a broad range of surgical techniques aimed at enhancing the health of your cherished pet friends. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing excellent surgical services specifically tailored to match each pet’s individual needs, from spaying & neutering to dental operations and hernia repair.

We at Curry Ford Animal Hospital know how important your pets are to your family. Because of this, we put their well-being, comfort, and safety first during every surgical treatment. Our cutting-edge hospital is outfitted with advanced equipment, which enables our knowledgeable vets to carry out operations with accuracy and knowledge. We follow stringent sterilization procedures to provide a clean, sterile atmosphere that encourages successful operations and quicker recoveries.

Numerous advantages come with selecting our surgical services for your pet. Spay and neuter procedures lower the danger of some diseases while assisting in pet population control. Extractions are one of many dental procedures that promote oral health and reduce discomfort brought on by dental problems. Our staff works to reduce pain, remove growths, and offer specialized care for a range of illnesses, from wound care to gastrointestinal procedures. You can rest easy knowing your pet will get the best care possible by having its operation performed at Curry Ford Animal Hospital by our kind and knowledgeable staff.